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Week 2, Mustang's and Cocktails

This Blog is a week late so I apologise for that, I haven’t been able to upload it because of poor WIFI. The next blog will be coming out shortly.

So we’re a week further into the course and I’ve learnt another 20 or so cocktails and I have to say trying to remember them all is n

ext to impossible for me and the other boys because as you can imagine, all we are interested in is chucking bottles in the air and looking cool whilst doing it. At the moment it’s more a case of throwing them, looking great but then having a bubble burst shortly after as we hear the crashing sound of bottles landing on the floor.

Out of all the cocktails I have made so far it’s difficult to pick a favourite, I would have to say the Moscow Mule, Amaretto Sour and Gin Basil Smash are right up there and we also made flaming B52’s today as well which looked awesome in a dark room and went down extremely well!

The last few days have been great for exploring Miami, we all went to the beach the other day where I’m sorry to report I did end up burning, I did, however, manage to limit the damage so that only the left side of my upper body looked like a cooked lobster… not bad compared to a lot of the other English tourists on the beach that day. It wasn’t as if I burned like the typical English tourist that just lays there on the beach to bake, I was busy losing at volleyball to some locals and then practising our flair bartending skills. It’s a little bit frustrating when you see our teacher, a champion flair bartender juggling up to 6 bottles at a time and doing moves that you could only dream of because if you’re like me and a little impatient, you want to be doing those moves now and of course it takes years and years of practice.

What I’m really looking forward to this weekend is renting a Mustang with the 2 other boys and heading to Key West, roof down, shades and tunes on… typical I know. One of us is a crazy Italian, however, so we might not let him drive. A boys trip away should be the perfect way to really enjoy ourselves after a long week of cocktail making though and I feel it is really needed, especially as it seems that every night out here is ladies’ night! Ladies seem to drink for free wherever we go, where the boys get charged extortionate amounts for even just a beer. Man do I miss just a simple English Pub where you can just get a nice beer or Cider for a good price without having to muck around with all these mixers and deals designed to trick you into making you think you’re getting your money’s worth. Seriously what happened to guys night out here, just once it would be nice to go to a place where guys can get drinks at a reduced price or even free if we could be so lucky… But I guess that’s not how society works.

On the other hand, it’s probably best there aren’t too many guy’s nights around here as some of my fellow guys, cough, the Swiss can’t quite keep up with the English and have been a little worse for wear on a couple of occasions.

Anyway, tonight I’m off to watch my second ever basketball game, Miami Heat vs The Toronto Raptors. So if any of you watch the game on T.V look out for me just in case you happen to see me making a fool of myself. There is a big group of us going so I’m hoping the atmosphere will be up to scratch. I’ll have to compare how it stacks up against watching a packed out rugby game… I’m not expecting it to beat that but hey, you never know, my opinion may be swayed.

That’s all for now and until next time, cheers!

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